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Thursday, May 28, 2015


I had a great time at Hamvention this year. 

Our booth (TAPR) had more visitors and more sales than in the recent past and my guess is that Hamvention's overall attendance topped last year's 24,873.

In anticipation of Hamvention, I sold some ham hardware earlier this year to fund my shopping list and I bought an Elecraft KX3 at the show. Actually, they were out of stock by time I got to the Elecraft booth, but they offered an incentive to order the equipment for post-Hamvention delivery: no sales tax and no shipping charges. So I placed the order and expect delivery next week.

(In addition to the KX3 kit, I am also getting the optional PX3 panadapter, as shown above, KXFL3 dual passband roofing filter, KXAT3 automatic antenna tuner, KX3-2M 2-meter module and assorted optional connectors and cables.)   

By the way, the roadtrip to Hamvention this year convinced me that I am getting too old for the Hamvention roadtrip and this year's trip is probably my swan song. 

Next year, I fly.

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  1. Stan, I understand the pain of road trips, too well. However reconsider FLYING. During my stint in the USN I was an Aircrewman, I also have flown Commercial air. DO NOT FLY ON A TICKETED AIRPLANE, Rent a motohome, bigger car, or fly charter.

    Paul KC8YHW Mulford