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Monday, September 28, 2015

Computer-Controlled Switch System

TASS (Totally Awesome Switch System) is a general purpose 8-port DC-150 MHz relay-based switch. The hardware is designed to be very generic, with an inexpensive processor such as an Arduino providing the system logic. Control is via USB, with Ethernet and other interfaces also available.

The TASS can be configured several ways, and multiple boards can be combined to create large switching systems. The TASS has many uses, from switching signal sources on a test bench or in a laboratory, to selecting receive antennas and filters in a ham or SWL station.

The TASS system has two boards:
  • The TASS-R relay board, which does the mechanics of signal switching and provides a very simple 10-pin interface.
  • The TASS-SHIELD board for use with an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller. The TASS-SHIELD allows up to four TASS-R boards to be controlled simultaneously.
Both boards are available now from TAPR as kits. They use through-hole parts and don't require any special assembly techniques.

The final component is open source software for the Arduino that acts as an interface between a host computer or other input system, and the switching hardware. The software is available for download from TAPR.

An introductory video is available here.

Software and documentation can be downloaded here.

You may order the TASS-R and TASS-SHIELD boards here.

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