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Monday, April 25, 2016

Australia to Ethiopia in my SWL QSL collection

While perusing the QSLs I collected while shortwave listening in the mid-1960s, I thought that it would be cool to display them here since they will not see the light of day otherwise. Most are common, but there are a few QSLs in my collection that are less common.

I will reveal them in manageable chunks, from A to Z, according to the country name that was commonly used at the time the QSL was issued.

Australia: Radio Australia

Austria: OEI (Osterreichuscher Rundfunk)

Bulgaria: Radio Sofia

Canada: CFCX

China: Radio Peking

Radio Peking's QSL card initiated a flood of propaganda (Mao's "Little Red Book," a huge Mao poster, calendars, magazines, more books, etc.) that the mailman delivered to my home for years following the QSL. So much so that my father went to the local Post Office to see if he could stop it (he could not). As a result, I never QSL'd Radio Havana because they had a reputation for sending propaganda in quantities that rivaled Radio Peking.  

Czechoslovakia: Radio Praha (Prague)

East Germany: Radio Berlin International

Ecuador: HCJB (The Voice of the Andes)

Egypt: Radio Cairo

Ethiopia: ETLF (Radio Voice of the Gospel)

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