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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Still More Navigational Beacons

This symbol denotes an NDB on an aeronautical chart. (Source: Wikipedia)
I heard these new navigational beacon loggings around 0700 UTC Sunday:

QB on 230 kc transmitting 500 watts from Quebec, Quebec, 360 miles to the north

OW on 236 kc transmitting 14 watts from Ottawa, Quebec, 289 miles to the north-northwest

YVB on 243 kc transmitting 90 watts from Bonaventure, Quebec, 576 miles to the north-northeast

YLQ on 289 kc transmitting 550 watts from La Tuque, Quebec, 398 miles to the north

Y8 on 401 kc transmitting 126 watts from Drummondville, Quebec, 393 miles to the north

3U on 414 kc transmitting 85 watts from Gatineau, Quebec, 300 miles to the north-northwest

As usual lately, equipment used was an ELAD FDM-S2 receiver and 80-meter inverted Vee antenna.

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