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Monday, January 1, 2018

LW Opening

Sandy Lake Aeronautical Chart (Source:

Last night, as I was trying to stay warm in this drafty old house, I read an e-mail on the International Radio Club of America list saying that the long waves were open. So I fired up the ELAD FDM-S2/FDM-SW2, tuned to the LW segment of the radio spectrum and saw more signals on the waterfall display than I have ever seen before.

I managed to log five new navigational beacons all located in the Ontario province of Canada including one in Sandy Lake over 1200 miles away. Here is the complete tally from last night:

📶 YKX on 201 kHz transmitting 200 watts from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, 568 miles to the north-northwest

📶 YYW on 223 kHz transmitting 100 watts from Armstrong, Ontario, 975 miles to the northwest

📶 QN on 233 kHz transmitting 400 watts from Nakina, Ontario, 873 miles to the northwest

📶 ZSJ on 258 kHz transmitting 500 watts from Sandy Lake, Ontario, 1231 miles to the northwest

📶 YEL on 276 kHz transmitting 250 watts from Elliot Lake, Ontario, 583 miles to the northwest

Antenna used was my 80-meter inverted Vee.

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