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Monday, January 29, 2018

Sony SRF-39FP

The mailman delivered the latest addition to my radio collection, a Sony SRF-39FP AM/FM Walkman. I purchased the radio on eBay for $20.

The New Yorker published an article about this radio describing it thusly, "The pocket analog radio, known by the bland model number SRF-39FP, is a Sony 'ultralight' model manufactured for prisons. Its clear housing is meant to prevent inmates from using it to smuggle contraband, and, at under thirty dollars, it is the most affordable Sony radio on the prison market."

The article added, "...the SRF-39FP is superior to virtually every other pocket analog radio, praising it for its large tuning thumbwheel, over-all sensitivity and audio quality, and, above all, its reputed indestructibility."

(You can read the entire The New Yorker article here.)

This afternoon, I tuned through the AM and FM bands and was impressed with the number of stations the Sony received. I will give it a workout tonight and I will let you know how the radio performs during nighttime conditions.

I own a lot of radios and this is the first one my wife described as "cool.

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