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Monday, June 18, 2018

ICOM AD-55NS AC Adapter

When I purchased my ICOM IC-R8600 receiver, I also purchased its AC adapter, the ICOM AD-55NS.

After using the pair for a few days, I was not happy. The AC adapter generated noise that I could hear across the LW and AM bands and beyond. As expected, the noise was much worse when the receiver’s preamp was enabled.

The noise went away when I swapped the AC adapter with an MFJ 25 Amp switching power supply, so I shipped the AC adapter back to the dealer for a replacement (assuming that the unit was defective) or for a refund (assuming that the unit was not defective).

The dealer tested the unit and said it was operating "normally" and was not defective, so I received a refund which I used to purchase an Astron MS-35M 35-Amp linear power supply. Admittedly, the Astron was overkill for the IC-R8600, but I also needed it to power other equipment in the shack. And so far, I have not detected any noise being generated by the Astron.

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