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Monday, April 20, 2020

WQFG689 1710 kHz

WQFG689, 1710 kHz, Hudson County (NJ) TIS in Jersey City, NJ, is running higher power during the virus pandemic and is easy pickens in this neck of the woods. (S-9 on the IC-R8600 and a good signal on the car radio.) If you haven’t logged them before, now is a good time to catch them because they may go back to 10 W once the virus blows over.


  1. Good signal in SE Michigan at 2220 EDST. On Icom 7780 and magnetic loop at 8' they were S7-9. Covid info, park closures, some .ramp closing info

  2. Heard 4:30 AM EDT 13 September 2020 at FN05 Newmarket, Ontario. S9 Good Audio - playing message "...we are currently experiencing technical difficulties..." Working Conditions : Yaesu FT857D into 80m Dipole at 60ft sloping East Down to 25ft

  3. Just discovered this station on Jan.16,2021 on my Sangean H201 receiver. Modulation is fairly low, with background noise. What is their power output presently?

    1. 10 watts or 100 watts. Normally, they transmit 10 watts, but they had an STA to transmit 100 watts during the pandemic. My guess is they are still at 100 watts because I can hear them this morning as I type this. At 10 watts, I could only hear them after dark.

  4. I just found them, by accident. They're S-9 +10 at 20:30 Hrs local time 19 Jan 2021 here in Chester County, PA (About 40 miles West of Philadelphia.) The travel information frequencies can be real interesting and can bring some nice surprises, DX wise.

  5. I have just found them these past few days during my DXing at night. I am in Central Virginia area and can hear them clear as can be.

  6. Received 100 miles away in Narrowsburg NY last night. Audible, but with interference.