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Friday, April 3, 2020

92.9 MHz Pirate

This morning, I tuned around the FM band and discovered a pirate radio station on 92.9 MHz with shouting male and female DJs playing rap music. The station was fading in and out and had lots of competition from WEHM, so I never heard any identification. But I clearly heard an ad for the Lion’s Den Restaurant in Hartford, CT, so I assume the pirate is located in the Hartford area, 30 miles to the northeast. Receptors here were my ICOM IC-R8600 and ICOM AH-7000 discone antenna.


  1. Stan: That is a Jamaican Reggae station with a low power tramsmitter in Waterbury - Long Hill Road area. I've never heard an ID, and the audio quality is terrible. Doesn't sound legal.

    1. Thanks for the ID, Pete. Long Hill is only 6 miles from here. Next time I hear them on, I will have to take a ride down to Waterbury.