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Thursday, December 28, 2006

free space book

Astronomy was my first scientific interest. As a kid, I had a blast with a inexpensive no-name refractor telescope that my folks bought me for Christmas many years ago.

After I saw everything I could see with that telescope, I bugged my folks for an upgrade and eventually they bought me a less inexpensive no-name refractor, which I still own and use today.

Today, slashdot had a story titled "A Free Guide to Naked-Eye Astronomy."

Tammy Plotner, president of Warren Rupp Observatory, writes "Are you looking for all the best of what's up in the night sky for the year 2007? Then be my guest and download my free — '365 Days of SkyWatching'! (Brought to you courtesy of The Universe Today.) Each day is specifically geared to give you the best of what can be seen with the unaided eye, binoculars, and small telescopes and even has challenge objects for seasoned observers. It's beautifully illustrated and contains many special features, such as anotated lunar maps. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone in the astronomy community and enjoy!"

I downloaded the book and after perusing it, I recommend it highly.

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