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Friday, April 27, 2007

airliner enthusiast

I have a mild case of airliner enthusiasm. I caught it from my sister, who has it in spades.

As a an airliner enthusiast (AE, for short), I drop everything whenever I hear a jet overhead to see what it is the source of the sound. Living at 910 feet ASL and 22 miles (as a jet flies) from the runways of Bradley International Airport (BDL), I see a lot of low flying airliners. (I also see other interesting aerial sights, like a tanker refueling a B-52, but that's another story.)

I also read Patrick Smith's weekly Ask the Pilot column on Salon. If you have a mild or bad case of airliner enthusiasm, you should read Ask the Pilot especially this week's installment, which talks all about our infliction.

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