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Thursday, April 19, 2007

goodbye, Land Barge II

Land Barge II is no more. The car became a moving money pit and lately had been exhibiting a new feature that was likely to cost me: the engine would just stop running without warning. It would start right up again with no problem, but the thrill of coasting into the breakdown lane on the Interstate during rush hour got old real fast.

After a lot of prodding from my family, I bought a new car rather than used: my first new car since I was single. My first used car was a 1982 Subaru wagon and it was the most reliable, problem-free car I ever owned, so I decided to buy a new Subaru, a 2007 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport, to be exact.

I picked up the new car on Monday and so far, so good. I haven't driven a stick regularly in 12 years, so I just have to get used to driving a 5-speed again.
And this car does not qualify as a land barge, so I can't call it "Land Barge III."


  1. What kind of car did you previously own?

  2. Land Barge I and Land barge II were 1995 Oldsmobile Cierras.

    I bought the first one used in 1995. It was a rental with low mileage and it served me well for over 170,000 miles until I totaled it about two years ago.

    I liked the first one so much that I bought another one off the street about a year ago. It had only 78,000 miles and one owner... a classic little old man who only drove it to church on Sundays vehicle. Problem was that he never had the car serviced and that was its downfall. One thing after another needed repair and after a year of dumping more money to fix it than I paid for it, I bit the bullet and bought my new Subaru.


    This video I posted of how I did my FT-7800R installation in my new car nearly drill-free. Might bring out some ideas. After shooting this video, I added fusing at the battery and a battery ground wire.

    Matthew NA5K