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Monday, July 9, 2007

an oldie

Geoff, WA1U, wrote about this in his blog on Saturday and I searched the Internet to find out more about the news that WCBS-FM in NYC was returning to an oldies format.

I am an admitted oldies fan. The 1960s is my favorite music era; 1967 my favorite music year; WABC-AM out of The City was my favorite radio station in that era. I'll bet that half of the 7000 plus songs on my iPod are from the 1960s. So, the WCBS-FM story is good news to me.

My wife thinks that it is time that I join the rest of civilization in the 21st Century, at least on a music level. I do listen to music from other eras. I listened to most of the Live Earth concert, i.e., the version that was broadcast on network television Saturday night. It was OK, but I would have preferred to watch a rebroadcast of the T.A.M.I. Show. What can I say?

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