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Sunday, July 8, 2007

long-delayed echoes still again

Dave Newkirk, AB2WH, e-mailed the following update regarding this week's Surfin', which talks about long-delayed echoes:

Although Bill Continelli's "Installment #31" says "After the early 70's, reports of, and interest in Long Delayed Echoes diminished. Today, they are just a question mark in amateur radio history," QST told a different story in O. G. Villard, Jr, W6QYT, "The Magnetospheric Echo Box--A Type Of Long-Delayed Echo Explained," October 1980 QST, p 11.

My father and several coworkers heard LDEs on a State Police interzone (shortwave CW) circuit just below 3 MHz in the 1960s. I think he mentioned that incident in "How's DX?" circa 1970.

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