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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2 meter conditions

Conditions today on 2 meters are almost identical to conditions two days ago with the best DX being K3ARL-1 near State College, PA, at 261°, 266 miles.


  1. I once heard that DX doesn't happen on UHF, but damn, I had a 444.375 repeater on the Sears Tower coming in over my local .375 machine here in Madison, WI. That's at least 100 miles from Chicago!


  2. Hi Stan,

    Well conditions have been weird around here also. I'm an avid DXer and have been since I was a kid. I use the TV set as my guide to let me know when 6 meters is open. And APRS to see if the 2 meter is open. I have DXed some 200 + TV Stations and 300+ FM Radio Stations from around the US / Canada / Mexico and several other countries to the south such as Cuba. And all this from my house in Indiana. I do use several other websites as tools to aid me in my dx advantages this being The TVFM SKip Log real-time postings and V-UHF QSO real time maps you will have several links on these pages the V-UHF has nice Es MUF map.. Forum message board .. Below is some recent catches here.

    APRS ES 144 MHZ Opening from Tampa,FL
    N4BSA-9>R7US4P,K9APR-3,K9APR-4*,WIDE3-1 [07/29/07 17:29:05] :

    FM Radio DX

    97.3 KMDL Lafayette, LA
    96.9 KWLR Little Rock, AR
    95.5 KZFM Corpus Christi, TX

    This is too just name a few catches here I had Es all the way into 146.00 MHz on 7/29/07...


    James Smith K9APR

  3. The K3ARL-1 antenna is a two bay directional up about 50 ft with 1/2 inch LDF. Ground elevation is 2400 ft AMSL. The radio is a Kenwood 40 watt unit. Funny thing is, the antenna is aimed SE. 73, K3ARL.