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Saturday, May 24, 2008

$4.16 per gallon

I paid $4.16 per gallon for gasoline this morning. There was no attendant to pump the gas, clean the windows, check the oil, check the tire air pressure, or take my money to the register.

Isn't it wonderful living in the the 8th Year of the Bush Trickle-Down Prosperity!


  1. Hi Stan
    I wish I were paying your prices, here in the UK we are paying $4.11 per litre!
    In fact were down to 1 car now and I ride a cycle whenever I can, getting fitter but it's killing me :)
    Kevin - M0KHZ

  2. Hello Kevin,

    At the rate we are going, we may be paying your prices soon!


    Stan, WA1LOU

  3. You're lucky it was so cheap ... it was $4.25/gal here this weekend ... and we're in the same state.

  4. Wow, cheap!

    I did some conversion calculations. In the Netherlands, we now pay 1.65 euros per litre, which is about $ 11.8 per gallon (and still rising). Crazy.

  5. No matter which way you slice it, it is still baloney (i.e., the gas prices).

  6. Don't blame Bush...... gas doubled under Clinton... It's not the Presidents fault ....... it's the oil industry and the people who have the oil to sell.

  7. And today, out of town on vacation, I happily paid $3.95/gal ... CT has some of the highest gas prices around and MA is a lot cheaper!

  8. What I would like to know is how many of you people that responded are driving gas guzzling SUV'S? If you are still driving one of those monsters you deserve to pay that much for gas and I don't feel sorry for you at all.

    I live near a truck stop that also serves gas and it is right off of I-80 in central PA. I would love to stand there and ask the people from more than one state away if they are concerned about the gas prices. If they say no then just send them on their way. But if they say yes then my next question would be what the %$#@ are you doing this far from home, if you are so concerned then you should have stayed there and not be out here just waisting gas.

    Seems to me a lot of people are concerned or complaining about the high gas prices but doing nothing to curb their usage like stay home but for the bare necessities, or getting a more fuel efficient vehicle. Don't get me wrong not everyone is just driving SUV'S and poor gas mileage vehicles but I would say that more than 50% are and for what the name of comfort. Comfort or not I would really consider trading in that gas GUZZLER for something more efficient.



  9. Brian - W3PDW --- Bush IS part of the oil industry.

    Chip --- According to the news media, Connecticut leads the US in gas prices. Ours are even higher than Alaska's.

    Mark Herman --- FWIW, I drive a Subaru Outback Sport, which gets MPGs in the low 30s on the highways. Lately, I have been sticking to the speed limit on the Interstates (while most everyone else passes me by), but by doing so, I increased my MPG by 1 to 2 MPG.

    -Stan, WA1LOU

  10. Good deal Stan