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Thursday, May 29, 2008

bear sighted

I saw a bear on my way to work this morning. He was doing whatever bears do on the lawn of a MacMansion off County Road in Marion. This area borders the forest that extends along the Southington, Compounce, and South Mountain ridge where bears have been sighted before.
I live near the top of Compounce Mountain and I have seen signs of bear visits in the past, but this is the first time I have seen a real life bear in Connecticut.

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  1. i live on the shore of lake superior in the northern most part of wisconsin surrounded by the nicolet natioal forest and the apotle islands nat'l lakeshore nat'l park. black bears are part of the enviornment around here just like rabbits, grey squirrels and deer. they are attacted most by my neighbors who leave their garbage cans uncovered. the bears can smell those snacks at 40 miles distance. my two little yorkies run them and the deer off. the most the bears have done at my home is drain the hummingbird feeder. and lick the seeds off my platform bird feeder. bears are supreme opportunists and will even steal your dogs food dish if you feed him outside. keep your garbage cans and outdoor grills covered. don't leave anything that looks like food to anyone (even bird seed) outside for them to smell.-out