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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go West, OM, Day Twol

The dreaded road lane closure sign on I-80

Arrived in Dayton, safe and sound.

Met my neighbor from Super 8 at breakfast: Earl, KC8TC, from Michigan. He was not going to the Hamvention, but to the Garden State.

I successfully got through Akron without missing an exit, although the last exit was a close call.

Rained lightly off and on until Akron. Between Akron and Lodi, it rained heavily. Then the rain tapered off and as I approached Dayton, the sun began poking through.

Drove just under five hours today from Clarion, PA, to Dayton with one pit stop on the way to buy a refreshment. Total driving time from home (725 miles) was about 12 hours. Like I wrote earlier, I lost about an hour due to the road lane closures due to construction.

I am tired and I am going to rest until the TAPR board meeting at 5 PM.

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