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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

weather station blues

The humidity readings at my weather station got weirder and weirder during the past few months, so when I was at the Dayton Hamvention last week, I talked to the folks at Peet Bros. and I took home a new humidity/temperature sensor board.

A few days after returning home from Ohio, I swapped the new pc board for the old one and things got weirder. Now, I was getting no outdoor temperature or humidity readings.

I assumed the new board was bad, so I swapped the old one for the new one, but the results were the same, i.e., no readings at all.

Replacing the board is not rocket science. Remove four screws to open the housing, disconnect the cable from the pc board, remove four screws that mount the pc board to the housing, then reverse the procedure with the new pc board. Not much can go wrong!

I e-mailed the folks at Peet Bros. and they suggested checking the cable and connections.

I already checked the connections, so next I will check the cable.

Maybe the cable was borderline after being exposed to the New England elements for six years and jostling the cable during the pc board install pushed it over the brink.

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