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Friday, January 29, 2010

snow diary

Yesterday, approximately 3 inches of snow accumulated.

As I left the house in the morning, I noticed a few flakes of snow, but as I continued on to work in a southeasterly direction, the sky was clear to the east, the snowflakes stopped, but I could see a big bank of clouds following me from the west.

It snowed lightly all morning and into the afternoon. The sun broke out about 2 PM and by the time I was on the road on my way back home, the Interstates were dry and the local roads were wet. However, as I got closer to home, I could see that Southington and Compounce Mountains were hidden by a white cloud. (I live on the top of Compounce Mountain.)

As I reached the base of Southington Mountain, it began snowing lightly. The sky was a very odd, dark color like during a summer thunderstorm. As I was going up the last hill (a 2-mile leg of my journey), I saw a flash of lightning and ran into a snow squall. Visibility was down to about 100 feet and the wet pavement was instantly covered with a half inch or so of snow.

With my all-wheel-drive Subaru, I had no problem getting home and the squall let up about 15 minutes after my arrival.


Total snowfall this month is 6 inches; not much for a January in these parts. The total snowfall for the winter season is 20 inches; not much for a winter in these parts.

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