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Friday, January 22, 2010

Surfin': My World Is a Radio

This week, Surfin' views the world through radio-colored glasses.


  1. You know Stan, you forgot the SB-300 supposedly used as a transceiver in the movie "Frequency" where a policeman (son) speaks to his Dad who is a firefighter in the past via Aurora ??? to solve some murders.


  2. Loved this column, Stan. I do the same thing, whether ham or even old broadcast radios.
    And then, folks like me immediately perk our ears up anytime CW comes on. I can lose a whole scene as I tune in to the Morse (and tune out the plot). Very good case in point, "A Night To Remember", the 1950s era movie about the sinking of the Titanic. Very well-done, right down to the old spark transmissions and messages being sent.
    Tnx again, and very 73, Stan. ...Joe...w6udo

  3. Bill --- I am aware of "Frequency," but I have never seen it. So I will look for it at Blockbuster.

  4. Joe --- I have seen "A Night To Remember" and it was very well done.