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Friday, April 6, 2012

Surfin’: iTouching Ham Apps

This week, Surfin’ discovers the iPod Touch -- and its proliferation of ham radio apps.

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  1. Still have the Touch I bought years ago — no regrets whatsoever. It does a respectable job as a stand-in for my notebook computer, and in some ways better: the iPod goes everywhere my pocket goes, and many of the apps (whether built-in or from the app store) are just quicker, easier, and generally more fun than firing up the computer.

    I still get a kick out of having a seismometer, a clinometer, and a scanner in my pocket, all available from the app store at little or no cost. This, of course, in addition to the usual stuff, e.g. news, weather, maps, calendar, calculator, and email. And as you mentioned, the now-ubiquitous Wi-Fi keeps a lid on those monthly access charges.

    What’s not to love?