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Monday, July 29, 2013

Virginia is for Radio Lovers

I just received the July-August 2013 issue of AMRAD Newsletter and as usual, it contains an interesting lineup of articles.
  • "JT55a - A Minimalist's Error-free Ham Radio Protocol" by Terry McCarty, WA5NTI
  • "An Arduino-based DFCW Beacon" by Andre Kesteloot, N4ICK
  • "Adventures with the Arduino" by Karl Berger, W4KRL
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AMRAD is based in McLean, Virginia, just up the road from the antenna farm pictured in the postcard above. Its monthly meetings always feature on-the-cutting-edge presentations.

By the way, here is the description on the back of the postcard:

"THE UNITED STATES NAVAL RADIO STATION AT RADIO, VIRGINIA. Situated at the southwestern end of Fort Meyer Military Reservation opposite Washington, D.C. Built by the United States Navy Department [Bureau of Steam Engineering]. Land ceded to the Navy Department by the War Department. Rated power of station 100 kilowatts. Towers, one 600 feet high 150 feet square at the base, two 450 feet high 120 feet square at the base, located at angles of an isosceles triangle, large tower at the apex base of the triangle 350 feet between centers of towers, perpendicular to base 350 feet. Normal range: day 2,000 miles, night 3,000 miles. Cost about $250,000."

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