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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello Springfield

Logged two new AM radio stations this morning. Both have Springfield, Massachusetts addresses, although one's transmitter is in Agawam.

WACM at 1490 kHz running 470 watts (!) from an island in the Westfield River in Agawam, 35 miles north-northeast of here.

WHLL at 1450 kHz running 1 kilowatt from the bank of the Connecticut River in Springfield, 36 miles north-northeast of here.

They are 166 and 167 in my AM radio log, respectively and they are also the first stations I have logged on their respective frequencies.

Both stations were very weak running 0 to 1 on the S-meter. In fact, while I was monitoring WACM, my wife walked by wondering why I was listening to noise! Equipment used were a C. Crane CCRadio-SW receiver and C. Crane CC Twin Coil Ferrite antenna.

The images above are courtesy of Bing Maps and Google Maps respectively embellished via Photoshop.

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