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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Radio Jay Allen

Steve, WA1HHK, suggested that I share a link with the readers of this blog, specifically, the RadioJayAllen website.

In the past, I occasionally visited Jay's website. His review of the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced moved me to add that radio to my Christmas wish list.

After using that radio for 5 weeks, I generally concur with his review. But I was surprised that he did not address my biggest gripe with the radio, which I complained about in my review of the radio, that is, its default display of the time of day or nothing rather than the frequency the radio is tuned to.

Despite that, I highly recommend Jay's website especially if you are an AM band DX'er.


  1. This feature has been added to the can set the DEFAULT display to be either Clock or Frequency but still toggle to the other when desired.


    1. I asked C.Crane to put that feature on their wish list and a few months later, voila! They asked me to send my 2E back for a firmware update and I happily accepted their offer. (I wrote this up in a subsequent blog post.)