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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Bounty

Yesterday, EST yesterday rather than UTC yesterday was a bountiful day.

In addition to WPUT, written up in the previous post, which I caught at high noon, I added three new ones last evening.

At 2154Z, WKMC popped up loud and clear (S4) broadcasting comedy recordings on 1370 kHz. WKMC transmits 5 kW from just south of Altoona, Pennsylvania, in Roaring Spring, PA, which is 300 miles to my west-southwest.

At 2336Z, I added WDEA on 1370 kHz to my log with an up and down signal (S0 to S3) out of Ellsworth, Maine, transmitting 5 kW, 300 miles to my northeast.

While tuning around at the top of the hour, I landed on 1270 kHz and at 0003Z a station identification popped up out of the noise --- CJCB with an S1 signal transmitting 10 kW from Sydney, Nova Scotia, 710 miles to my east-northeast. That's my best catch so far this year.

I heard WKMC and WDEA using my C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhancedradio with the Terk Advantage antenna, whereas I heard CJCB using my C. Crane CCRadio-SW receiver and C. Crane CC Twin Coil Ferrite antenna.

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