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Thursday, May 1, 2014



The mystery station that I monitored Tuesday evening on 94.5 MHz was a little stronger Wednesday evening on the C.Crane CC Pocket AM/FM/WX Radio and C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced; strong enough to be able to understand some of the chatter in between songs. Near the top of the hour (2257 UTC), I clearly heard the station identification: WERB, which is located at the Berlin (Connecticut) High School, 10 miles east, transmitting a mere 24 Watts!

I also logged WNSH on 94.7 MHz earlier in the day (1647 UTC) on my car radio. The country and western station was transmitting 23.5 kW from Newark, NJ, 90 miles west-southwest.

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  1. WNSH was originally WAAT, part of an AM-FM-TV combination in Newark(970 AM, Channel 13). The TV went to PBS as WNDT and now WNET. The AMer moved to Hackensack, became WJRZ, broadcasting MOR and country, then WWDJ with a brief foray into rock and then religion
    9and now right wing talk), while the FMer was WFME owned by Harold Camping's Family Networks, broadcasting religion (and again co-owned with the AMer during their joint religious phase.