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Thursday, June 18, 2015

DOA x 2

At Hamvention, I wanted to purchase an MFJ-4225MV power supply. MFJ had none at their booth, nor did any of the dealers at the convention who sold MFJ equipment, so I ordered one online after I returned home from Dayton.

UPS delivered the power supply about a week later and it was dead on arrival.

I contacted MFJ and they had UPS pick up and return the dead unit back to them. I tracked the package back to MFJ and then there was silence until I received an e-mail from UPS on Monday informing me that a package from MFJ was on its way.

UPS delivered a replacement MFJ-4225MV yesterday and it was dead on arrival.


UPDATE: I phoned MFJ and they are shipping me another replacement with a return label for the dead unit. To avoid DOA x 3, the folks at MFJ tested the replacement unit they are shipping to me.

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