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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Standoff Standoff

I planned to assemble my Elecraft KX3 kit this week.

Over the weekend, I cleared a place to build the kit, rolled out the anti-static mat and connected it and the anti-static wrist strap to Earth ground.

It was a very busy weekend and that is as far as I got, so I planned to work on the kit each evening after my day job.

Monday, I unpacked the kit and did an inventory only to discover that my kit had four incorrect sized standoffs. After completing the inventory, I phoned Elecraft and they shipped the correct sized standoffs on Tuesday.

The standoffs are needed early in the kit assembly (the 5th step in the assembly instructions), so there is not much point beginning the kit assembly and then stopping to wait for the parts to arrive.

I was hoping to have the KX3 ready for the VHF contest this weekend, but that prospect does not look good.

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