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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Saw WB6ACU Last Night

Joe Walsh, WB6ACU
My daughter Hayley phoned me on my way home from work yesterday; she scored two tickets to the Eagles concert in Hartford and invited me to go with her.

Initially, I was a little reluctant
--> I had some weed whacking to do and after that, I planned to settle down and watch two or three episodes of Law & Order.
Then I asked myself when would I be able to see WB6ACU and the boys play again any time real soon and how many more times will I be able to go to a concert with my daughter, so I accepted her invitation.

We had excellent seats on the floor, 15 rows from the stage. Being so close, I was worried that the sound would be too loud, but it turned out that the sound was just right.

The concert was great and Joe was outstanding. The group played all their hits, as well as Joe's hits from before he joined the flock.

We had a great time sure beats watching Lenny Briscoe.

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