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Friday, July 28, 2017

Got DX?

I check almost every day and yesterday morning, it indicated that 2-meters was wide open throughout the eastern half of the USA. All I have up at this point is a VHF-UHF discone antenna, so I did not expect to hear much DX, but at least, I could hear the locals and find out what DX were working.

Mid-morning, there were about a half-dozen locals hanging around 144.200 working stations throughout the Northeastern USA and Canada. (A VE3 seemed to be the best DX.)

I listened for about a half-hour and then I left the shack because I had other fish to fry. When I returned at 3 PM, the band was still open according to the website, but I only heard one local calling CQ and he was not having much success.

Anyway, I wish I had my 144-MHz beam up and running!

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