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Monday, May 22, 2006

virtually in Dayton

I did not go to the Dayton Hamvention this year for a couple of reasons.

Steve Ford, WB8IMY, from ARRL headquarters did go and he had a Dayton Hamvention blog going throughout the weekend. Between his blog, participating in the TAPR-Dayton board meeting by phone, and WA5KUB's live video from the Hamvention, it was like being at the Hamvention without driving 735 miles for 11 hours.

On Friday, Steve asked people reading his blog what they would like him to photograph at the Hamvention. I e-mailed Steve and asked him to take a photo of the folks at the TAPR booth, which is where I spend most of my time during past Hamventions. Steve responded with this photo that appeared in his blog Saturday. (That's John Koster, W9DDD, and Sheilah Bible, N7HPR's XYL, in the photo.)


  1. Hi Steve...

    Sorry you couldn't make it to Dayton this year... I stopped by the TAPR booth on several occassions looking for you. I finally asked my good friend, Dave, VE3GYQ, where you were and he told me the story...
    Hope to see you there next year.

    Also talked with my friend about the RTTY pic you were looking for. He is going through all of his pics to see if he has it. He said it sounded familiar so there is a good chance he will have it. If he does, he will print it out and send it to me and then I'll forward it to you...

    73 Al/ W8AII

  2. Sorry Stan...

    Don't know where I got "Steve" from...

  3. Sorry I missed you at Dayton, Al ... wait 'til next year! And thanks for searching for that RTTY picture.

    Funny thing about the name "Steve." About 5 years ago, we got our Dayton Hamvention exhibitor badges and I put mine on without looking at it too closely. Turns out that it read "WA1LOU Steve Horzepa" and I never noticed it until somebody came up to the booth and called me "Steve."