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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

bear in mind

The lead front page story in today's local newspaper was that yesterday morning, a black bear was wandering around a neighborhood about 1.5 miles from my home in Wolcott. The locals were relieved when it was reported that "Wolcott's animal control officer had chased it over the town line and into Bristol."

Good work! I bet that bear will never show his face in Wolcott again.

Last fall, all signs pointed to a bear visit at our bird feeder one morning and last summer, I spotted bear droppings less than a mile from my house along a hiking trail. I used to worry that my wife might encounter a bear one day while she is walking the dogs, but now that the animal control officer is on the case, my worries are over.


  1. What a moron... canada is looking better and better

  2. I know how to squirrel-proof a feeder. How do you bear-proof one? Last weekend a bear demolished a feeder that was 9 feet off the ground.