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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Surfin': What on Google Earth!

Read this week’s installment of Surfin': What on Google Earth!, then leave your comments here.


  1. Hey Stan, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your column about Google Earth, and to pass along that IRLP ( now has support for Google Earth on their site. I installed the .kml file on my system so now it shows all IRLP nodes and reflectors. Nice to be able to see where they are instead of doing the mapping in my head.

  2. I just happened upon your ARRL feature news story "Surfin': Ogling the Earth with Google" ( where you referenced my site (I wondered why my hits shot up last month). This was an interesting article. Thank you for writing it.

    Did you come across APRSKML ( in your research? This is a great Java application by Gregg Wonderly (W5GGW) that could help folks set up there own kml server.

    Finally, NASA World Wind ( is another global 3d imaging application to keep a close eye on. It's open source and has limited kml support. There are prospects for a versionv1.5 open API with .NET and Java support. Now that opens up all kinds of possibilities!

    73, Mike W7MJR