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Thursday, February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse

I was looking forward to viewing the lunar eclipse with my new telescope last night, but K1GF's 5 PM  forecast was not promising (an overcast of clouds), so I did not expect to see much.

I looked out at 9 PM and the sky was not overcast. There were a few thin scattered clouds and the moon was in the clear, so I brought the telescope out and viewed the eclipse until about 10:10 PM. The view was spectacular and I was surprised how well I could still see the features of the moon even though they were in the dark orange shadow of the Earth.

During the eclipse, I momentarily swung the telescope over to Saturn, which was the closest naked eye object northeast of the Moon last night and got a good glimpse of Saturn's rings.

The air was very calm last night and except for the scattered clouds, it was an excellent night for telescoping. It was a great show!

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