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Friday, February 1, 2008

Surfin': VNA in Your Future

In this week’s Surfin’, discover how you can obtain an excellent piece of test gear for the ham shack. Then come back here to post your comments, if any.

By the way, Surfin’ is a weekly column published on ARRLWeb features Web sites related to Amateur Radio, specifically, and radio, in general. If you have any suggestions for Surfin’, please contact WA1LOU using the e-mail link to the right.


  1. Here are some other VNAs:
    - the two-port miniVNA from Mini Radio Solutions: and sold by Barry at W4RT Electronics in the US. It covers up to 180Mhz, and there is a project on its support group to build an extender that covers up to 2.4Ghz:

    - the de luxe, ham-designed TimeWave AntennaSmith deserves a mention, even though at $1000 it is out of many ham's budget:

  2. And to add to the miniVNA, the price is nice considering the coverage up to and including the 2 m band.