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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rusty Potz and WLNG

When I don't have my iPod for musical entertainment, I have taken to listening to WLNG, 92.1 MHz, out of Sag Harbor, NY. They not only play oldies that I like, but they have jingles, local news, sports, etc. just like the AM radio stations I grew up with in the 1960s and 70s.

It is very nostalgic!

Last night was the first time I listened to LNG during the drive home from work. I was very surprised when I heard the voice of the DJ spinning the platters during the drive time. It sounded just like Rusty Potz, who used to be a DJ on local Connecticut radio stations 30 years ago. When the DJ announced his name, it turned out that it was Rusty Potz. I was shocked.

It is very very nostalgic!


  1. Ah, Rusty Potz. "All-Request Radio - WCCC-FM" circa 1973. He was program manager then, before the fire.

    BTW, if you want a hoot, ask Brian Battles WS1O to play for you the interview he did with Sirius Radio about his experiences with Howard Stern while Stern was at CCC. It is to die for.

    Mike wM1ke
    Richmondville, NY

  2. I first heard Rusty Potz on WPOP AM, 1410 kHz.

    Never listened much to WCCC because it had a lousy signal in my neck of the woods.

    WM1K wrote in a separate e-mail if I remembered the WPOP oldies LP published in the the late 1960s.

    I sure do and still have it stashed away somewhere. I remember it was pressed on orange vinyl and it had the worst fake stereo I ever heard that it was unlistenable.

    By the way, I also have a WDRC OBG (oldies but goodies) LP that pre-dated the WPOP LP. It was pressed on black vinyl and was very listenable.

  3. Wow what memories!!! I had just graduated from the CT School of Broadcasting and was hanging around WNTY 990 in Southington. I remember vividly when my sister got both albums I wonder wher they are today.

    I met Rusty Potz when in school as the school (CSB) was at 750 Main St inHartford and WCCC was around the corner. Crazy building 750 Main we had the school on the 6th floor then WLVH-FM the Spanish group and WDRC AM-FM on the 15th floor not too much RF in the building.

    Rusty was a great DJ and administrator in those days and set the ton for the station for years to come. I also met Howard Stern while he worked at WCCC too (what a character) totally different than today. None of the outrageous stuff.

    Thanks for the memories.


    John N1IWT
    Streaming audio at: Tuesday 7:30pm EDT