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Friday, April 8, 2011

Surfin’: Got GPS? Maybe Not For Long!

surfin534 This week, your Surfin’ conductor wears a worry-wart about losing a reliable friend.


  1. It's always funny to remember these birds, no matter how powerful, are in orbit 10,000 miles away...HI HI 73 de W6MSU

  2. I am astounded at the ignorance and misinformation surrounding this issue. I could rant for a while about the fearmongering on the Internet, but I think this link presents the facts very well.

  3. Anonymous --- Your link does present the facts very well and confirms what the GPS community fears. One of the solutions your "facts" proffers reads: "The GPS community could switch to higher performance filters in their new receiver front ends. Such a switch is not painless but filter technology, not unlike digital semiconductor technology improves with time and will continue to improve."

    If the GPS community has nothing to fear from the LightSquared project, why does it need higher performance filters? And if these filters are in fact a solution, will LightSquared be paying or providing the GPS community with the filters?