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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Thousand Miles Away (Almost)


I logged three new AM radio stations. Two with the CC Skywave barefoot and one with the stock radio in my 2007 Subaru.

With the CC Skywave, I heard WNBH Monday evening local time, 2320 UTC on 1340 kc transmitting 1 kW from New Bedford, Massachusetts, 105 miles to my East.

Also heard WFTH Monday evening local time, 0000 UTC on 1590 kc transmitting a mere 19 W from Richmond, Virginia, 373 miles to my southwest.

In the Subaru this morning during my commute to work at 1140 UTC (sunrise was at 1133 UTC), I heard KXEL on 1540 kc transmitting 50 kW from Waterloo, Iowa, 4 miles short of a thousand miles to my west. KXEL was loud and clear for about 5 minutes broadcasting the local weather forecast. The KXEL logging is the best AM DX from the Subaru and is in the top 5 for best AM DX overall.

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