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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter E-Skip?

When I am in my Subaru and not chasing AM DX at sunrise, the car radio is usually tuned to WLNG on 92.1 Mc, which is transmitting about 55 miles away in Sag Harbor on Long Island. Although I am on the fringe of WLNG’s coverage area, I enjoy listening to the station because it is old school AM radio and features a DJ, Rusty Potz, who I grew up listening to when I was a teenager. (Hear WLNG for yourself on their website).

And since I am on the fringe, I am very familiar with the ups and downs of WLNG’s signal as I drive around my neck of the woods. And this morning, those ups and downs were not normal; in places where WLNG’s is normally solid, I heard other stations competing with LNG’s signal.

At 1350 UTC, I clearly heard the station identification of WLHR. I had no idea where WLHR was located and when I looked it up, I was surprised to discover that it was located in Lavonia, Georgia, 744 miles to my southwest!

Shortly after the station identification, conditions returned to normal. 

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