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Friday, February 20, 2015

WSBV on 1560


On the Ultralight DX radio list, Rob, VA3SW, mentioned that WQEW, 1560 kc in New York City was sold and has been off the air this week, so I began monitoring 1560 to hear what I could hear.

I heard nothing much on the radios at home the past two evenings, but Thursday morning during my dawn commute, I heard a very weak station playing gospel music on 1560, but it was too weak to identify.

This morning, listening to nothing on 1560 while sitting at a traffic light at 7 AM, gospel station WSBV signed on loud and clear (S-7 signal) with the Star Spangled Banner out of South Boston, Virginia, transmitting 2.5 kW, 464 miles to my southwest.

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