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Thursday, March 31, 2016

680 to 690

Monitoring 680 kc got me two new ones, CFTR mentioned in the previous post and WINR in Binghamton, NY. Transmitting 5 kW, 150 miles to the west-northwest, I heard WINR out of the blue for about 10 minutes around 2315 UTC on the KX3.

Yesterday morning, I moved the car radio to 690 and listened to a station way down in the mud for about half my commute until CKGM took over the frequency. I never heard a station I.D., but I thought I heard West Virginia mentioned. Looking up West Virginia 690 radio stations, I found only one: WELD, but I had my doubts that it was WELD because it was only transmitting 14 watts at the time.

This morning listening to 690, I heard the station again, but today the signal was much better and I heard the WELD I.D. more than once: 14 watts, 370 miles to the west-southwest on the stock radio and antenna in my 2007 Subaru!

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