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Monday, March 7, 2016

970 x 2

970 is another frequency where I have only one logging, so I dialed up 970 on the KX3 Sunday evening at 2242 UTC and heard the station identification for WESO transmitting 1 kW, 59 miles to the east-northeast in Southbridge, Massachusetts. At 2248 UTC, WESO disappeared! I looked up the sunset time and it was 2248, so I assumed that WESO switched to nighttime power (21 watts) when the sun went down. All I could hear after that was WNYM, so I shut off the KX3 and ate dinner.

Out the door at 1130 UTC this morning, I tuned to 970 on the car radio and immediately logged another new one: WZAN transmitting 5 kW, 190 miles to the northeast in Portland, Maine. I lost WZAN about ten miles into my commute to work. (Sunrise was at 1112 UTC.)

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