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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dry Spell Ends

Conditions have been very good lately. The Canadians have been loud and clear on my car radio during my morning commute and in the evening, stations from the south and west have been solid on the KX3. But for ten days, I had nothing new to show for it until last night.

ESPN Radio 1270, WDLA, from Walton, New York, dominated 1270 kc at the top of the hour of (2300 UTC) transmitting 89 watts* 120 miles to my west-northwest. Received with the Elecraft KX3 and C.Crane CC twin coil ferrite antenna.

* I go by the book when I list the stations' power. Some will say that WDLA must have been running daytime power in order to be heard by me. Maybe so, but how do I know  how does anybody know? So I check if my logging occurred before or after sunset/sunrise and list the legal power for that station at that time.

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