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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

it's always something

When I tried to get on line last night, I discovered that I had no access to the Internet. Everything seemed normal: my computer heard my wifi loud and clear and all the lights on the DSL modem were green, but when I tried to send/receive e-mail or access a web page, I got nothing.

I called AT&T and Anita at customer service in Little Rock tested the line. She said the tests indicated that there was something wrong with the line and that she would send a service representative out to check the line today.

Dial-up still worked, so I still had Internet access, but just a lot slower than usual. Makes me wonder if this problem is related to last week's DSL modem problem.

Meanwhile, I got my APRS digipeater back on the air. Turns out that I had everything set correctly, but when I used the lock option to lock all the settings and front panel controls, the transmitter became disabled! So, I just left the radio unlocked and WA1LOU was back on the air.

Something is definitely wrong with the digipeater radio. I think it's brains are scrambled or fried. So, I sat down with the radio's manual and found out how to reset the radio. By then, it was too late to fool around with radio settings and since the digipeater was back on the air, I decided to leave well enough alone and address the problem tonight.

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