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Friday, July 21, 2006

Surfin': Finding Ham Radio in Popular Culture

After you read this week’s installment of Surfin’ entitled Finding Ham Radio in Popular Culture, you can leave comments here.


  1. Honda actually uses morse code for the beeping when you leave your key in the ignition. The four beeps . . . . are "H" for Honda. Talk about a funny sense of humor!

  2. Years ago the comic strip Modesty Blaise had ham radio in it when she talked to Willie Garvin via 20 meters. they were using G3 or G4 calls. Wish I would have saved them with the Dilbert ham radio strips that I have somewhere in the basement!

  3. I decided to try something and got persistent in using Google. Remember the Wayback Machine? I did an Internet ArchivesSearch and clicked on May 7, 2001. Now, can you continue your article with that information? I enjoyed the ARRL news feed story that grabbed my attention.

  4. One morning while trying to wake up to go to work I came across an old black and white movie on the Turner Classic Movie chanell. The title of the movie was "Everybody's Hobby". This movie was made in 1939 and is about a father and his son who have 2 popular hobbies. The father takes up photography while the son is already into "Ham Radio". This a comedy but it does have some serious scenes especially when the son and his father are on a camping trip in the mountains where a forest fire gets blazing while they are there. You guessed it. The son takes his ham station mobile and puts it to use to call for help during the fire. This movie isn't as fast paced as our modern movies but it centers around the son and his "ham station" during an emergency.

    You can do a Google search on the title and come up with several websites which have reviews, actor's names, and even a website to order the movie.